B.S.J Int'I Inspection Co. was established in 2004, for conducting Cargo, Marine and Technical Inspection Services as per the latest International and National Standards.


This company has been able to reach the honorable position among the great and reputable Inspection Companies within a short period of time, by employing the young, experienced staffs.


And now, we're proudly able to meet our client's requirements by providing the best quality inspection services at all of economical zones plus Iranian and International ports globally.





Wishing you all success.


M. Director


Dr. Esmaeil Ahmadi




• B.S.J Int'l Inspection Co. registered in central bank of Iran (CBI) and approved to perform inspection services on behalf of Iranian state and private sectors around the world.


• Authorization certificate from P.M.O of Iran in cargo and marine inspection field.


• Inspection authorization from Institute Of Standards and Industrial Research Of Iran(ISIRI) to conduct inspection and sampling services in the field of :

Agriculter Product & Foodstuff / Petroleum & Petrochemical Products / Mineral Materials / Industrial Products: Steel Products,lndustrial Machinery, Oil, Gas & petrochemical/Consume Products: Medical Equipment, Electrical & Electronical, Household Appliances,Fertilizers and Celludos in Europe, Asia, Africa and American.


• Authorization Letter From Customs Organization Of Iran For Cargo Inspection And Sampling.


• Authorization letter from P.M.O for issuing of classification & safety certificate for port facilities


• B.S.J Int’l Inspection Co. is holding ISO 9001-2008 in Marine , Technical  & Imported /Exported Goods inspection services issued by QA.


• Authorization Letter From National Iranian Oil Co.(N.I.O.C) For Oil And Products Inspection.


• Authorization letter for issuing of towage approval certificate from General Department Of Marine (P.M.O) of Iran.


• Surveyors of BSJ Int'l Inspection Co. are holding international oil and products inspection certificate issued by IFIA.


• Audit & Inspection Society of Iran’s certificate of Membership


• Accreditation Certificate of Inspection Bodies for Overhead Cranes , Mobile Cranes, Tower Cranes & Forklifts according to ASME B30.2 , ASME B30.5 , ASME    B30.3 , ANSI/ASME.B56.1  based on requirements of : ISIRI- ISO/ IEC 17020


• Accreditation Certificate of Inspection Bodies for Imported & Exported Goods based on requirements of : ISIRI- ISO/ IEC 17020

Marine Inspection
Various Marine Inspections - Draft survey for bulk commodities on the vessels & barges - Ullage survey for liquid & gas materials on the vessels or shore tanks - On/off hire survey at the time of delivery/redelivery of vessels - Condition survey on cargo, container, vessel’s gear/ hull, grab, pre-loading & after loading, presales for marine fleet. - Bunker survey - Damage survey on cargo, container, vessel’s gear /hull - Cargo lashing & securing condition survey on general cargoes - Tallying on packed , bagged, bundled cargoes, barrel ,tin ,box , case ,crate ,roll ,reel & palletized commodities - Port demurrage consulting services - Issuing Towage Approval Certificate for towed & towing vessels - Ordering management and consulting of shipbuilding for all type of merchant ships. - System’s improvement in Quality Control and performing necessary training to concerned specialist in shipbuilding. - To do services in general management of ocean going and tankers vessels. - Planning and optimizing of shipbuilding process using progressive methods and mechanism of advanced shipbuilders.Verifying and approval of shipbuilding plans. - Supervision & technical inspection during shipbuilding and carrying out required tests related to Hull,Machinery ,Control, Navigation and Communications. - Development of technical knowledge of shipbuilder in Iran using experiences of local and foreign experts. - Training of personnel with regards to Safety and Quality Control. - Underwater inspection using ROV in Persian Gulf. Auditing of ISM & ISO. - Investigation of incidents accidents and finding root causes that being occurred in all types of vessels.
Cargo Inspection
We are so proud of ourselves that in our company highly-qualified Cargo Surveyors are working professionally worldwide in order to perform all these kinds of inspections: Crude oil, Petroleum products , Petroleum Gases Chemical & Petrochemical products. Agricultural products & Food stuff. Medical equipments. Electrical goods. Cellulose products All types of Metal & steel products. All kinds of Fertilizers. Industrial machinery. All types of Building materials. The below mention services could be offered by B.S.J Co. . Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) . Verification of Conformity (VOC) . Certificate of Inspection (COI) . Technical Inspection . Vendor & Project Expediting . Price Verification . Quality Assurance . Sampling, Testing and Analysis Services . Un-loading Supervision & During Loading . Condition Survey & Cargo Damage . Destination Inspection

Technical Inspection


In this field a condition survey on the all parts of crane such as Hydraulic parts, Wire, Winch, Boom, Controlling system,….will be carried out and in case if it's accepted a proof load test will be performed too. The following services are provided by our professional engineers & staffs : - All kinds of Mobile crane with Telescopic & Lattic Booms. - All kinds of Shore crane, Gantry crane. - All kinds of Offshore, Pedestal and Baraje crane. - All kinds of Lift Trucks,Top lift, Reach stackers, Transtainer. - All kinds of Loaders, Dozers, Excavators,Backhoe, Trailer, Truck, … - All kinds of Lifting Facilities such as Wire rope sling, Shackles, Hook, Blocks,Chain sling, Spreader, Belt & basket

Oil and Gas Inspection

Oil & Gas processing equipment With rely on our expert engineers and staffs & authorization letter from National Iranian Oil Company (N.I.O.C)the following inspection services would be offered: Storage tanks inspection Boiler & Pressure vessels All kinds of heat exchanger, air cooler & cooling towers Pump & compressors - Reactors Wellhead equipments parts (spool & casing ) Drilling facilities - Pipe line, fittings and valves
Storage tank Calibration Welding & NDT Inspection ﷯
Abroad Branches & AGENCIES
 ASIA .India .United Arab Emirates (UAE) .Vietnam .Malaysia .Malaysia .Indonesia .Kazakhstan .China .Russia .Thailand  Europe .Sweden .Finland .Italy .Ukraine
 Africa .Tunisia  South America .Uruguay .Brazil .Cuba North America .Canada
Mineral Inspection
Commodities: Our professional setup is mobilized and trained to deal with any type of minerals in Iran, the main commodities we cover are: Iron Ore Chrome Ore Manganese Ore Copper Ore Lead Ore / Ingot Coaking / Steam Coal Fertilizers Areas of Operation: We are able to mobilize our team to special areas that are not listed above upon client's requests 24/7. Bandar Abbas Kerman Sirjan BIK Isfahan Yazd Zanjan Khaf Sangan Zahedan
Iranian Branches & Agencies 1.Khuzestan Province Branches Imam Khomeini Port B.I.K Khorramshahr Port Abadan Port 2.Hormozgan Province Branches Bandar Abbas Kish Island Bandar Lengeh 3.Bushehr Braches Bushehr Port Asaluyeh 4.Sistan and Baluchestan Province Branches Chabahar Port 5.Gilan Province Branches Anzali Port 6.Mazandaran Province Branches Amir Abad Port (Neka and Fereydunkenar Ports , Nowshahr ) 7.North West of Iran Branches East Azerbaijan Branch West Azerbaijan Branch Ardabil


BSJ Int`l Inspection Co.

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